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Easter Day Camps

Over the Easter holidays we are running

5 "Own A Pony Experience Days" and

2 "Beginner Experience Day Camps"

Our "Own a Pony Experience Day" are for

Level 1 -  Level 4 Riders

aged 9+

and will run from10am - 4pm

on The 12th, 13th, 14th, 19th, & 20th April

The day will begin with bringing your chosen pony in from the field to their stable where you will then groom them, ready for the first ride. The day will be filled with riding, horse care & lots of fun whilst learning.




Our "Beginner Experience Day" are for

Complete beginners - Advanced beginners 

aged 6+

From 11am - 3pm on the 15th & 21st April

This is the perfect opportunity for beginners to start to learn to ride. As they also get the chance to spend time with the horses and ponies which is a fantastic confidence building tool. We also get the opportunity to cover all the basics of horse care & handling with them.



Stable management sessions during camps will cover different aspects of horse care. 

Topics will be relevant to experience, age & ability. 


All bookings to be made online only.


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